Just Tell me: Yes or No: Should Our Medical Practice Be On Facebook?!? REVISED! February, 2015
I wrote an article on “the Faceb ook question” in October of 2011 because so many providers were asking me whether their practices should have a presence there . They kn ew many of their peers had Faceb ook pages but were concerned that it might be a waste of time and resources. “Would our current and potential patients even go there?” they wondered...<read full article>

Fugitive Marketing: Direct Marketing a la Richard Kimball
Most marketing tries to reach the greatest number of people possible. This doesn’t mean that everyone’s goal is to take out a Super Bowl ad. Rather, “more bang for the buck” and “ROI” are strategic considerations. <read full article>

The "Marketing Sweet Spot"
As you think through how to market your medical practice – or your restaurant or your widgets - you might want to find what I call the “marketing sweet spot.” Going through this process is...<read full article>

"He's a good doctor... but..."
My shoulder is shot, so I ask a friend who has had surgery for the name of her orthopedist. That's how many people find a physician: they ask a friend or associate. I write it down and then say, almost as an afterthought, "He's good, right?"... <read full article>

To Greet or Not to Greet: Should Our Practice Send Holiday Cards?
The right holiday greeting from your practice to your patients, referring physicians, colleagues and associates can build relationships at the same time it spreads holiday cheer. It can remind people... <read full article>

A Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing: The Health Care Controversy as Customer Service Opportunity
Physicians used to be careful at parties about revealing what they did for a living in order to avoid the inevitable “would you look at this rash for me?” reaction. Nowadays, however.. <read full article>

Physicians and the Media
When a reporter is talking with the aquarium’s marine biologist about the health of the new baby whale, the audience sees the speaker..<read full article>

Web Site Basics
Your web site should have the same quality, look, and objectives of your practice. It is a primary communicator of your brand. <read full article>

The Patient as Customer
[Healthcare today] can be a complex, time-consuming, and expensive business for both the patient and the physician. From a medical standpoint, the person...<read full article>

Say It in English
A study by the Institute of Medicine, highlighted in an Oregonian article way back in April 9, 2004, said that a disturbing 90 million American adults have what the study... <read full article>

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