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“Liz worked with Medical Marketing Inc. as our public relations professional and writer. She is astute, bright, understands the service to clients, works delightfully and efficiently with our staff as well as client staff and has earned our highest recommendation. Liz can manage clients on a day to day or with long range planning. Her geographic location will not be an issue.”
Andrea Eliscu
President, Medical Marketing Inc.

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful marketing you have done for my new private practice. In the past year, you have helped me with conceptualizing my marketing and bringing it out to full form with my marketing brochures, flyers to pharmacies, newspaper ads and website content.

From the get go, you were always there, quick to respond, and came back with great stuff. The brainstorming was a breeze, and the quick rapport we had over email allowed us to finish projects within days of inception. I recall you and I putting together all the text to our brochure in less than 3 days. And then you worked with Ellen, your graphic designer, and within two weeks we had a completed brochure, which incorporated, my biography, office information, quotes from patients, and photos all in one beautiful brochure with our logo, which you helped design.

I just feel like this past year, whenever I needed you for something, you were always there. You were fast, responsive, insightful, and great fun to work with. I loved the brochures, the ads, and all the little things like business cards that you helped me put together into one marketing theme. Your help this past year has been tremendous in helping me transition from an employed physician to being a business owning private practice physician. Thanks to your help in helping get the word out to my patients, nearly all my patients found me, transitioned to my new office and are now referring tons of new patients to my office. I don't know how many times in a month when someone asks me, "Who does your marketing?" I tell them Liz, ink.

Thank you Liz, and i just wanted to let you know I really appreciate all your passion and dedication towards your work. It really shows!
Maggie Yu, MD
Sherwood Family Medicine

We worked with Liz Lippoff for more than two years and in that time, she took our marketing from a “patchwork quilt” approach to an organized, thoughtful, well-executed part of our business.

Medical marketing is a tricky business requiring tact, finesse and a full appreciation of the industry and the vagaries of working with physicians. Due to her past experience and her family background, Liz handles this beautifully. She has an innate sense of propriety and class, and delivers marketing messages that portray the group professionally. During her time with us, she developed a clear, concise strategic marketing plan, and she managed all of our print and internet ads in concert with our graphic designer. She also did a phenomenal job of helping us to update and modernize our look and branding. This involved work with color, naming, logos and gathering input on all facets from all parts of the organization.

After more than two years, we realized that our marketing work was continuing to grow, and we decided to hire our own Marketing Manager to bring the work in-house. Had Liz been interested in being employed, we would have hired her without question.

In short, Liz is energetic, dynamic and just plain fun to work with! I can recommend her highly to anyone with marketing and PR needs, large or small. We have referred her to many of our consulting clients – all of whom are as delighted with her work as we are – and we will continue to do so. She makes us look good.
Jill K. Arena
Chief Operations Officer GreenField Health

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