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If professional service marketing has one core concept, it is customer service. You are excellent at what you do; we work with you to be sure that the whole experience of being your client – and your associate – matches that standard, from the first glance at your web page to the final invoice. We help you communicate your excellence in all kinds of ways so you can build the business you want.

We believe in effective public relations. PR does not mean getting your name in the paper, although good coverage can have an impressive effect on public perception. It is a step-by-step process of building your esteem in the eyes of your targeted audiences. The positive results of a persuasive public relations campaign may not always be obvious immediately but their cumulative effect can sometimes accomplish more than the most expensive advertising campaign. Marketing and public relations can and should go hand in hand.

There is information that you want to communicate to your audience; we can help you clarify those messages.

There is information your audience wants to know in order to make a decision about becoming your patient or hiring you; we can help you figure out what that information is.

Where these two overlap are often the areas of maximum opportunity in both public relations and marketing.

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