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Public relations strategies are designed to raise your esteem in the eyes of those you value. They focus on what you do more than what you say; they also validate your work through what others say about you. The goal is to create good will between you and all with whom you interact.

At Liz, ink, we can help craft your messages to highlight your excellence, but we do not “spin” mediocrity so it is perceived as excellence. We believe in accuracy and transparency.

If you are not excellent yet, you must be aspiring to it and taking steps to achieve it. Leadership in your field must be your passion. We can help.

At Liz, ink, we can do crisis management. We advise, though, that you take all possible steps to avoid having a crisis in the first place. Making sure you turn off the stove when you leave the kitchen is much smarter than relying on your expertise with a fire extinguisher. We can help.

There are many effective public relations strategies and at Liz, ink we help you select those that are the right match for you, your personal style, and your business goals. They include the following, among others:

You may be one of many under the same listing in the phone book, but if you are different, if you are better, you should be telling your story to the right people.

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