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You have heard many of the marketing terms: internal marketing, external marketing and viral marketing, just to start. Each new business best-seller brings us new, hot marketing vocabulary. Business paradigms change very quickly nowadays, with the Internet and all its tools circulating information in moments.

We believe, though, that there are two basic parts to marketing that will not change any time soon:
first – getting the right people in your door and second – turning them into fans.

At Liz, ink, experience has shown us that you must have anticipated and addressed all the contingencies for the second before you are ready for the first. This is customer service. Why do it this way?

Liz, ink can help you create a positive customer experience that, in addition to the excellent professional experience that you are already trained to provide, can make each customer an advocate for you and your business.

Getting the right people in the door, aside from the referrals from the happy customers above, can be accomplished with a broad arsenal of marketing tools, from advertising to e-letters, from focus groups to free services, from mailings to meetings, from Constant Contact to your web site.

Many public relations strategies are, at the same time, marketing strategies. The line is blurred. What is clear is that successful businesses are proactive in their efforts to clearly communicate who they are and what they do. They market themselves.

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